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Industrial coatings | VAD GmbH

Industrial coatings


Since 1975 VAD is the only company in the world offering heat exchangers with a non-porous coating of the tube interior and/or shell side. In addition, it is immaterial whether the device is made of normal- or stainless steel. Hence, our customers are given the opportunity to optimize the flow control in their plant regardless of cooling water in the tube.

The coating of the shell side reliably prevents corrosion. In many instances, this process eliminates the need for the usage of expensive stainless steel completely. As a result, we can use the superior thermal conductivity of normal steel to build a heat exchanger with even more power.

VAD is the only company in the world offering devices for the chemical and petrochemical industry equipped with hot-setting plastic coatings. Both together from a single source!

Our particular strength…

… is the re-tubing and re-coating of entire tube bundle heat exchangers in record time. Following an adequate lead time, we offer re-tubing, including deinstallation, re-coating, TÜV-certification and reinstallation of your machine within three weeks. To save money, you can make use of the possibility of partially tubing your machine. This is especially beneficial in cases in which only a few tubes got damaged during cleaning work, for instance, which resulted in corrosion. Typically, hot-setting plastic coatings are very durable. We have well-known cases of XYVADUR coated heat exchangers which operated failure-free for over 30 years.

Sometimes plants get restructured and devices are needed for new tasks and other stresses. In such cases, the old coating can be removed by being exposed to temperatures of approximately 420°C in furnaces and subsequent sandblasting procedures. After that, a new XYVADUR plastic coating can be applied.

Hereby, a heat exchanger is made which is equal in quality and durability to a new device.


Tried and tested for decades

Our coating systems

As a result of the admixture of appropriate filler materials, like Teflon, carborundum or graphite the excellent thermic and anti-corrosive properties of VAD’s plastic coatings are also suitable for bearing yokes, bearing surfaces and injection moulding parts.


  • Chemically resistant in an area up to pH 1 – pH 14
  • Temperature resistant up to 250°C of continuous service temperature
  • Very good resistance to temperature fluctuations
  • Very good resistance to steam diffusion
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